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useful information A - Z

We are not allowed to sell alcohol to young people under the age of 18 and everyone under the age of 25 must show their identity card. Alcohol consumption is permitted only at the accommodation, camping pitch and in the catering facilities. Drugs are not allowed in any way.

To open the barrier, you need a barrier card. You should always offer the barrier card, even if the barrier is already open. If you are in a car-free area, you can only enter the park by car on arrival and departure. The barriers are closed between 10.30 PM and 7.30 AM in order to maintain the peace of the park.
The maximum speed in the park is 5 km per hour. Please respect this speed for the safety of the children.
One car per pitch or Bergalow is allowed except for field K, Safaritents and Bergalow 329 to 336, 338 and 340. If you have rented a Boslodge, you can park near the accommodation.
Do you have an electric car and want to charge it? In the large parking lot opposite the reception, 2 parking spaces have been specially created for this purpose, next to the transformer building. You can use them for a fee. It is not allowed to charge your car at your accommodation / pitch. If your car has been charged, please make room for another electric car that is still to be charged as soon as possible.

CATERING FACILITIES                                                                                               
Do you not feel like cooking? You will find our catering facilities at the main entrance next to the reception. Enjoy nice fries and various snacks, fresh homemade pizza or a take-away menu.
When the weather is nice you can sit outside on the terrace.
Do you have no heating or hot water? Or does your CV give a blinking code? You can probably solve this by pressing the reset button. If this does not work, please report this to reception.


On the day of departure, you can stay in the accommodation until 10.00 AM. Would you be kind enough to leave it clean, empty the dishwasher and take off the bed linen?

Please leave the pitch before 12.00 PM on the day of departure so other guests can arrive later that day.
It is only allowed to let the dogs out outside the park. Between pitch 64 and Bergalow 77 there is an entrance into the forest and of course you can leave the park through the main entrance. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, also at the chalet or caravan / tent or playground. In the park there are special machines with dog bags. Please use them. Please do not let your dog sleep on beds, upholstered furniture or blankets in the Bergalow, Safaritent or Boslodge.

It is not allowed to use electric heaters. The built up power supply system is not suitable for this.

EMERGENCIES                                                                                                                                 In life-threatening situations call 112 and then the number of the holiday park +31 572 301405 and we will know which rescue services are on the way and for which park guests. In this way we can provide the necessary assistance.

Do you need medical assistance? In an emergency or if you experience serious harassment, you can call the intercom next to the reception desk 24 hours a day or call +31 572 301405.
Next to the intercom you find our AED. Call us and we will give you the code so that it is accessible for emergency responders.
Do you need medical help and is there no emergency? Please contact the doctor in the health centre 'De Parel', Wispelweg 2 B in Luttenberg. Phone: +31 572 346070
First aid Deventer
For urgent help from the doctor outside office hours (evenings, nights, weekends and holidays) call +31 570 501777
Hospital Deventer: Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75A in Deventer
Keep your health insurance details, current medication and social security number at hand. If you have an appointment, take an identification document with you. Please have a call first, you cannot come without an appointment.

Have you found something or lost something? Drop it off or ask for it at reception. We will keep it for you for up to a month.
Our recycling centre is located at the front of the park, next to the
bicycle rental. Here you can dispose your garbage in garbage bags in the designated container. Glass and paper will be separated from other household waste.
Bulky waste, such as carpets and garden furniture, cannot be left in the recycling centre! You must take it home. There is camera surveillance. You can hand in your empty batteries at the reception.
If you need a new gas bottle, please contact the reception. We sell different types of gas bottles.
There is a gas stove in the safari tent. Start by opening the gas tap on the gas bottle. After this, make sure the knob with the white dot is at the red dot. When you press the knob, the gas will start flowing through the stove. Keep the dial pressed and then press the small button for ignition. If all goes well, after pressing the ignition button a few times, the pilot light will burn.
If you turn the knob, you can regulate the temperature of the stove.
When you want to switch off the stove, turn the round knob back up and close the gas bottle.
Please be careful with fire. The grill must be placed on a safe place at a sufficient distance from the chalet or caravan / tent. Barbecuing is allowed, but in case of danger of forest fire we reserve the right to prohibit barbecuing. To be sure, place a bucket of water next to the barbecue. Fire baskets or other forms of open fire are not allowed!

Does your accommodation have a hammock and/or a lounge set with outdoor cushions? If so, please bring them inside when it rains and when you leave.

In our sanitary building (number 15 on the map) there are 2 washing machines and a dryer. You can operate them digitally. There is a (free) centrifuge program in the washing machines. You can pay by bank card there. For using the iron, you can pay with a € 0,50 coin.
The current opening hours of our facilities can be found on site
Are you expecting a package? Please inform us at the reception. We will not sign for acceptance without your consent.
Outgoing mail can be left in the green mailbox next to the entrance of the reception.
If you are camping on field K or staying in a safari tent or Vacansoleil tent, you must park your car in the large car park opposite reception. When you check in, you will have received a barrier pass that you can use for your luggage only on arrival and departure.
Special numbered parking spaces have been created near the forest lodges.
In the reception, shop and restaurant you can pay cash and with a bank card or credit card (Euro/Mastercard and Visa).
In the village, in the supermarket Coop there is an ATM. Remember that you can then only withdraw money during the opening hours of the supermarket.

The pharmacy is located in the health centre 'De Parel', Wispelweg 2-B in Luttenberg. Phone: +31 572 346070 Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30 AM - 12.30 PM and
4.30 PM - 5.00 PM. Changes under reserve.
The room is located next to the entrance of the indoor swimming pool.
There are various activities for the children, such as handicrafts, children's bingo and a nice show organized by our professional animation team. The team is with us at Easter, Ascension Day and Whitsun and during the Dutch school vacations (except the autumn vacations). You can download a programme here. Next to the indoor swimming pool there is an air trampoline. There are several small playgrounds with a sandpit, seesaw or playhouse, and at the outdoor pool there is a large playground. New on the sports field is our zipline.
In our park nobody needs to be bored!

At the reception you can register for the following:
  • Bicycles. Ladies and men's bikes with gears, e-bikes, children's bikes in various sizes and child seats.
  • Go-carts. Different sizes, per hour or whole day (low season).
  • Jeu de boules. You can lend balls against payment of a deposit. The boules court is located next to the outdoor pool.
  • Mini golf. Bats and balls are available free of charge at the reception.
  • Tennis court. The place can be used free of charge, a reservation is required.
  • Table tennis. There is 1 table on the sports field. For a deposit you can lend rackets and balls.
  • Table football At the sports field. A ball is available against a deposit
Showering with us is free of charge! There are two sanitary facilities in the park: number 14 and 15 on the map. Building 14 is our newest: 'de Molshoop'. This special building is of high quality and has first class toilets, washrooms and showers, private sanitary facilities and family showers. Each shower is very spacious and has its own wash basin.
In particular, it is a very special sanitary for children. It is a treat for the children to jump in the shower and brush their teeth.
In building 15 you will find not only toilets, washrooms and (family) showers but also the handicapped accessible sanitary facilities and the laundry.
Instructions on how to use the washing machines and dryers are also in this building.
Please accompany children under the age of 6 with showers and use of the toilets. The buildings are NOT a playground for children and we ask you not to smoke here.
For a stay of 2 weeks or more in a Bergalow, Safaritent or Boslodge you can change your used sheets free of charge. Please report to the reception and we will make sure that you get clean sheets.

Our small shop is located in the reception. We sell many products here, including fresh bread, ice cream, sweets and souvenirs. Have you forgotten something? Come and visit us. We do not sell cigarettes or other smoking products. You can freeze your own cooling elements with your name on them.
There is a supermarket in Luttenberg (Coop). There you will also find meat, fruit and fresh vegetables. There is also a ATM.

There is a night rest in the park from 10.30 PM to 7.30 AM. Please keep in mind that many children are sleeping even before 10.30 PM. Would you like to listen to the radio or watch TV? Do it in such a way that it does not disturb anybody.
Smoking is not allowed in our accommodation, sanitary facilities and catering facilities.
The indoor pool will be open daily and is heated. If the weather permits, the roof can be opened. For the little ones there is a separate children's pool.
For access to the indoor swimming pool, you need a ticket. The outdoor pool is open from Ascension Day or earlier if the weather is fine. It has a family slide and in the summer months it is great to cool down or sunbathe on the sunbathing lawn. The small children have fun with a slide and water play elements.
Children without a swimming licence should be accompanied by an adult.
The use of our pools is at your own risk. There is no constant supervision. The baths are accessible only to persons who are our guests and who are registered as such. You need a ticket to use the indoor pool.
Depth of the baths: large bath 140 cm, children's bath 30 cm

Dierenkliniek Hellendoorn-Nijverdal, Ommerweg 54 in Hellendoorn. Phone: +31 548 655065 

For cycling and hiking routes you can also visit our reception. Here you will find tips for exploring the surroundings of Luttenberg with the free routes. Do you prefer to create your own cycling route together? This is possible with the map of Salland using junctions. The beautiful surroundings offer you all possibilities for a sporty and active vacation. The Hellendoornse Berg, Lemelerberg and Luttenberg form a scenery where it is nice to cycle.
Do you like hiking? From the park you can easily reach the forest. The fence between Bergalow 77 and pitch 64 gives you access between sunrise and sunset. In the adjacent forest of our park you can follow the 3 km long (yellow) movement route. This is a route, marked with playground equipment, that challenges children to move.
The blue route takes you around the village and along pastures and farms.
A walk with the forester is also one of the possibilities. For more information and registration (necessary) please contact the reception.

The pitches have their own water tap. You will need a water tap key for this. These are available for € 2,50 at the reception.

Relax in our Bathhouse Luttenberg behind the indoor swimming pool. There is a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, a steam cabin, foot baths and a lounge with a fireplace. When the weather is fine you can enjoy the garden outside.